Occurs on Saturday January 27 2018

Approximate running time: 2 hours


Rotary Hall
9201 Corbould St
Chilliwack BC V2P 4A6

Performance Notes

× Presented by Joshua Black, MA (with special guest Jade Karling Black, MA)

The topic of dreams after loss (grief dreams) has been surprisingly overlooked in academic literature, which has hindered the support for the bereaved of all ages. Many of the bereaved have reported that they keep their dream experiences hidden from others due to the judgements people have pertaining to such dreams. When the bereaved do gain the courage to share them or ask questions on the topic, it is common for those who support them to not know how to respond. What do we make of these dreams and how does it apply to one's grief?

This workshop will discuss what led me to this field of research (for my MA and PhD) and I will review the research on grief dreams, including my own studies. Research I have conducted includes investigating dream content and theme changes in a dream journal, common themes in dreams of the deceased, and variables that predict recalling dreams of the deceased. My PhD research on grief dreams has focused on an adult population that have suffered the death of a romantic partner/spouse, pet dog or cat, and a baby through miscarriage/still birth. Additionally, I will discuss conversations about such dreams that I have had with the bereaved and those who support them. There will be a focus in this workshop on learning how to explore these dreams with clients in ways that can facilitate the processing of their grief in a safe space. This is not about dream interpretation, but about what questions to ask based on the imagery. By asking the right questions, the bereaved can connect their dream imagery to waking life, and can open dialogue on concerns or comforts that come from the experience.

Joshua Black is one of the leading academic researchers in the field of dreams of the deceased. He has focused all of his graduate work on investigating this neglected topic (MA and PhD). He continues to publish scientific research in the field as he finishes his PhD at Brock University (Ontario, Canada). To raise awareness about the topic he started, the Grief Dreams Facebook Group, and the Grief Dreams Podcast. Additionally, he frequently gives presentations and workshops on the topic.

Jade Karling Black is the Grief Dreams Newsletter Editor, guest co-host for the Grief Dreams Podcast, and researcher who assisted on two academic articles on Grief Dreams. Additionally, she is an author and a Certified Life Coach. For more information on her visit

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